3 Common Foods You Must Avoid To Remove Stubborn Fat and Stay Healthy

Do you suffer from stubborn fat?

Are you concerned about your health in relation to your diet?

Do you know our food chain is being over-run by just 3 foods that are based solely on profit – to the detriment of your health?

Firstly I do not mean to get political on you – it is not my style but I wanted to point this out to you as we are concerned about health, eating and removing excess body fat.

You know people are getting fatter, even perhaps you but you might have over looked these very important true facts I am about to share.

You also know that eating processed foods including many packaged and bottled produce, cakes, sodas and the like causes poor health and weight gain but you might not know why.

Lets take a look at this problem …

Did you know that the average adult eating a typical modern diet in countries such as ours, the US, Canada, Australia, etc. consumes approximately 67% of their total caloric intake from only 3 foods – CORN (eat this only fresh), SOY (miso/tempeh is ok), AND WHEAT (modern wheat has been modified) and their many derivatives.

These foods are in our food supply for MONEY not health.

What do you think would be a reasonably healthy amount of corn, soy, and wheat in our diet?  Well based on thousands of years of human history, and what the natural diet of our ancestors was (what our digestive systems are still programmed to process), this would probably be in the range of about 1% to 5% of our total calories from corn, soy, and wheat.

We are eating 67% so can you can see why we have massive problems in our health, and our weight! Not to mention the many intolerances and allergies, specifically to soy and wheat (and gluten intolerance)… the human digestive system was simply never meant to consume these substances in such MASSIVE quantities.

So where did this originate? Corn, soy and wheat are all a relatively new phenomenon that originated from the economics of the multi-billion ££ corn, soy, and wheat industries.

Where can these foods be found?

In addition to the obvious, here is a list of food additives (derivatives):

  • high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
  • corn oil
  • soybean oil (hydrogenated or plain refined)
  • soy protein
  • refined wheat flour
  • hundreds of other food additives such as maltodextrin (i.e. found in some soy milks etc.), corn or wheat starch, soy lecithin, mono and diglycerides, etc.

Consider how much soda or other sweetened drinks (with loads of HFCS) that the average person drinks daily… this is a LOT of calories from just one single corn derivative.  You can also find high fructose corn syrup added to make marinades, salad dressings, ketchup, breads, and 100’s of other foods – wonder why we cant shake off that belly fat?

Also corn and soy derivatives have been added to many processed foods like.. crisps, sweets, cakes, salad dressings, tomato sauces, wraps, corn chips, breaded chicken, etc., etc.  And both corn and soy in these massive amounts are EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY!

Now consider how much breads, cereals, pastas, cakes, and other highly processed wheat products that most people consume each day.  Again, this is TONS of unhealthy, blood-sugar spiking, nutrient-poor calories, that as much as 50% of us have some degree of intolerance to anyway.

Now, unfortunately It gets even worse!

Because both corn and soy are cheap most of our farm animals are fed this too… again amplifying the amount that ends up in our bodies. Chickens and cows are the worse!

Cows are fed mostly corn despite the fact that their digestive systems are only meant to eat grass and other forage. This makes the cows unhealthy (read ill), Our chickens are also fed a diet of mostly corn and soy and crowded in tight pens in horrendous conditions… when the fact is that a chicken was meant to consume a mixture of greens, insects, worms, seeds, etc.  Unhealthy meat and eggs anyone?

Our food supply has gotten so screwed up that we’re even feeding our salmon and other farmed fish corn and soy… now how crazy is this?

Why is it so unhealthy to consume 2/3rds of our calories from corn, soy, and wheat?

There could be a book on this, so we will keep it short with a few reasons:

  • Messes up the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in our diet to as high as 30:1, when a ratio of 1:1 to 2:1 is considered healthy.
  • Causes gluten intolerance (related to heavy wheat consumption) of which inability to lose weight could be one symptom.
  • Problems with weight gain, blood-sugar swings, and reduced insulin sensitivity (and progression of diabetes) due to excessive refined corn and wheat flours, as well as HFCS in our diet
  • Soy and corn are the most genetically modified crops (which means more pesticides and herbicides can be used, which are usually “xenoestrogens”) which can increase “stubborn” belly fat.
  • Soy products and derivatives contain twice the xenoestrogens as well as phytoestrogens… could have carcinogenic effects (on-going debate i.e. we are not sure).
  • The feeding of corn and soy to animals reduces the health and nutritional benefits of those animal products

So how do you avoid all of these massive amounts of corn, soy, and wheat in our food, and take control of your weight and your health?

  1. It all starts with your food shopping discipline… choose only single ingredient foods such as fruits, veg, beans, eggs (free roaming), nuts, seeds, and meats from grass-fed or free roaming animals that are sourced well or raised correctly.  Do not purchase processed foods!
  2. Get most of your carbs from fruits and veg instead of grains.
  3. Avoid store bought salad dressings as they almost always contain soybean oil and HFCS (instead, try experimenting with homemade dressings).
  4. Make sure that your tomato sauces etc. don’t have HFCS and soybean oils… look for sauces made with olive oil instead.  Remember to avoid rapeseed oil as well.
  5. If you like guacamole (one of the healthiest snacks), try veg’s with guacamole instead of genetically-modified, oil-soaked corn chips
  6. If you like hummus, try veg sticks with hummus and reduce pitta or other breads.
  7. Reduce your cereal, bread, and pasta intake.
  8. Choose wild fresh water fish such as Alaskan Salmon (avoid un-sourced farm raised toxic fish)
  9. Only resort to junk foods or processed foods on a “cheat day”. Clear foods with derivatives of corn, soy and wheat products out of your kitchen.

So with all of this said… Is my diet perfect? Well, no of course not!  Nobody is perfect, and I can give in to temptation just like anybody else.

However, I’d estimate that my corn/soy/wheat consumption is somewhere between 10-15% of my total caloric intake compared to 67% for the average person.  The way that I achieve this is to read the labels and choose single ingredient foods where possible.

I completely eliminate sodas and deep fried foods though…they are just TOO nasty!


  1. Apart from the guidelines above … begin educating yourself – Read the labels. Look for the words ‘corn’, ‘soy or ‘wheat’ cropping up in any form on the label. (i.e. high fructose corn syrup).
  2. If you REGULARLY (i.e. several times a week) have a certain food, check the ingredients. If there is an additive or something on the label, look it up.
  3. Notice how much of these 3 you are actually consuming – I bet it will surprise you! Get them down to a minimum (eliminate them if you have trouble with stubborn fat).