AHEAD OF THE TREND: JJ Generates 34,000 New PT Income to a Small Health Club in 1989

[3rd Party Testimonials on JJ’s influence in the Health Club Personal Trainer Services]…

JJ has been in this industry longer than most ‘experts’ you come across. Starting out in the Army Physical Training Corp she went on to influence the Personal Training you see today. This means you can get access to 30+ years of expertise by following the latest resources JJ provides today.

Today you will find Personal Training in almost all health and fitness clubs. This was not always the case. In fact when JJ was trying to expand her business into other clubs as early as the mid eighties she was met time and time again with the same resistance… “it is not possible to earn from existing members, who I don’t think will pay for an ‘additional’ service”.

One small club in Chelsea was a little less skeptical and decided to hire JJ as a Consultant to improve the services and running of the struggling health club. Here is the testimonial showing the results of their forward thinking…

In November 1989 JJ worked with NGH Leisure Club where she was hired as a Consultant to improve the services and running of the Health Club. During this time JJ recruited and trained a new team of staff, and appointed a new manager (specifically trained by JJ) this resulted in an immediate increase in memberships. JJ also redesigned the gymnasium services i.e. programmes, assessments, and procedures. Up until JJ was hired, we had experienced constant staffing problems i.e. short term employment, regular changes in instructors (causing upset among members). However once appointed and trained by JJ, staff remained with the club for a minimum of 2 years due to the constant appraisal, training and motivation schemes she put in place.

JJ introduced a whole new area of income to the club by incorporating her ‘Exercise Management System’ Courses which generated 34,000 GBP in the first year for which the club received 70%.

Today four years later we still run exercise management courses and still employ members of the original recruitment programme. We would like to thank JJ for her services.

Nina Faidhi, Director NGH Leisure Club

In 1993 and off the back of this success, JJ was able to convince others to take ‘a risk’ with the programme …

We have recommended Exercise Management Systems under the direction of JJ Armstrong to run the gymnasiums on behalf of the owners of several of our clubs. During which JJ not only saved money on staff costs, in addition JJ generated extra revenues for both the club and themselves. Notably a revenue of 5,000 – 8,000 per month was generated at Profiles* from a new gym service sold to existing members. 2,000 – 4,000 per month was generated in the smaller clubs – these revenues were in addition to increases in areas of income ie memberships, classes etc.

JJ has identified a new and innovative service which she is able to promote to members of a health club to both satisfy the needs of the members and generate a new income for the club – she now has years of experience in the field of Personal Training Service Plans.

We recommend any club who is intending to incorporate additional fee paying services within their gymnasium to learn from the experience and success of JJ’s programme.

Mr. J V Neville-OBrien, Managing Director LEISURE FINANCE PLC

JJ has been called a visionary who stays ahead of the game and on the cutting edge of Physical & Mental Services often able to predict and engage in the next trend long before it becomes mainstream (these are a testimonial to such events).