Week 1 – Day 1


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COFFEE with Cream x2 100c


LUNCH e630 cals

Didn’t get a chance to take food with me so eat out for pub lunch (first meal):

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3 bean veg chilli (with quorn) (e200c) topped with sour cream (e50c), rice and tortillas (e200c). (I only eat 1/2 the rice (e150c). Tea 30c


DINNER e500 cals

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1/2 Avocado150c , some Mozzarella e150c with truffle oil e50c and oatcakes (36cal each)
Tea 30c

TOTAL 1230 cals

That’s it!



Didn’t plan my 3 day food yet and so did not get to supermarket to stock up. Will do that tomorrow. So no veg included in todays meals. No supps taken either. Shows what poor organisation can leave you with. If you get caught out like this it is best to keep your intake to a minimum and get organised asap!

Estimated Cals: