Getting an Edge in Fat Loss during the Plateau

Within about six weeks into your caloric deficit plan you will discover the dreaded plateau which is common in any good weight loss strategy as you continue toward your goal. But unfortunately this is the point where the weight chart shows a lack of progress – the stage where most would quit.

But lack of progress is far from the truth, in fact if you persist you will find the weight will once again begin to plummet. I will show you this for myself during my weight loss in 2012 as I move through the 3 day plans.

Tricks others have used during a plateau

To help things on their way I have included here some known and little known fat loss tactics that when used consistently and especially during higher calorie days have been shown to aid in greater fat loss.

We can experiment with these tactics to help with fat loss in addition to caloric control.

1. The most important tactic I know of is the 3FT so if you are not using these mini fasting session plans, try them out.

Fasting has a similar hormonal effect on the body as exercise. We see low levels of insulin (no insulin in fact during fasting) with a subsequent increase in growth hormone (promoting fat loss). The dip in caloric intake is also an added bonus!

2. Lower Glucose Spikes (goal is to limit spikes above 100mg/dl // 6mmol/L to a minimum)

– eat FAT with main meals (already been using this in previous weeks)

(fat has a greater affect on lowering the glucose response than protein

– Lime / Lemon Juice

(add 1-2 squeezed – 1 with water upon waking, another with food = helps flat line glucose.

– Eat slowly

(this one was particularly hard for me as I like my food hot. Cannot guarantee I will achieve this but will try to remember to. Personally, I have a habit of eating without thinking about the food. Slowing down helps keep glucose response lower independent of that which is consumed.)

– Exercise contractions just before and an hour to 90 minutes afterwards.

Again will try to remember these especially during dinner which is my biggest meal (will let you know at the end of the week how often I remembered to do these). I will use squats, wall or incline press ups and where possible band pulls 30 seconds each. (improves GLUT-4  i.e. responsible for food going to muscle instead of fat – more about this in a later post)

– 1-1.5 tsp daily of cinnamon added to coffee or food ie yogurt

(not only a great anti inflammatory, cinnamon helps flat line glucose)

Other techniques used to help prevent fat storage:

small glass of Grapefruit juice (fruit sugar) consumed prior to the big meals.

fermented foods consumed as part of daily intake (kimchee, kefir, sauerkraut)

– 2 liters of water per day.


That’s it for now. Give some of them a try and report your results back to me in the comments if you wish to share!