I am Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau What Should I do?

Apart from waiting for another week to see if the results are the same, here are some of the most common causes of a plateau in fat loss:


1. Not Eating Enough Protein

Try replacing your breakfast with a protein within an hour of rising. Examples of this include 2-3 boiled eggs (no bread, sugar etc.). Fried eggs (non stick pan with a little oil and a slice or 2 of lean (nitrate free) bacon would also be okay if you want to cook. Add some tomatoes and mushrooms and this makes a guilt free fry up.

Try to eat at least 20 grams of protein per meal – this will also help keep down your appetite especially if sugars/refined carbs are also omitted from meals that leave you hungry after a couple of hours.


2. Eating Too Late

I personally skip breakfast often but I do find it can lead to over eating in the evening – big mistake so look out for that one! It is often best during fat stripping to simply skip the evening meal if it gets too late and go to bed early. If you are staying up, remove the carbs from the late meal and simply eat some protein and veg.


3. Not Drinking Enough Water!

Keep your liver in good shape during fat loss with plenty of water, this is a MUST.

Add a few extra glasses to your water intake and you may just find it kick starts your fat loss off again.

Whilst on the subject of water, take in extra water on your cheat day. Make a special effort to consume 2 litres of water during high carb intakes as water will be taken up like a sponge into your muscle glycogen and dehydration could cause you a headache.

So assuming you kept everything in the plan the same (calorie intake) use these tips to get you losing again. If all these fail to after 1 or 2 weeks, you are doing something wrong! Speak to me with at least a 7 day food and time of day diet diary.