JJ’s Two Week Crash Course Gets Me In Shape For My Wedding

I left a lot to the last minute with my wedding, hair make-up and my body.

I’d been trying to get healthy- swimming and also regularly attending JJ’s NW1 Camden bootcamp twice a week for about two months and already noticed a difference but I was still worried I was looking fat for my wedding with a poking out belly in my very fitted wedding dress.

I am so pleased I approached JJ about this, when I was despairing I had left it too late. JJ helped me make a plan for exercises and eating for the two weeks before my big day in addition to my own regular swimming routine.

I found I could stick to the eating plan and be satisfied with what we put down, eggs for breakfast, salad and fish and fruits, nuts and lots of water. And after a while too results were obvious and transformation was remarkable.

I looked glowing, my stomach and bloating went down in the first days, and I had become leaner and much more energetic. I have to admit it was hard work, but I really applied myself and the results were worth it. And more than that, I really enjoyed the running and exercise I did with JJ when we met for a personal training session.

I lost around 3/4 of a stone in two weeks and looked fantastic for my wedding and all my photos. I’d really recommend making a programme with JJ if you have an event – be it wedding or anything else – and you really want to look and feel your best and be healthy. And I’m really looking forward to applying all I have learnt now I have got married!


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