Lose Weight Healthy

When you plan to lose weight you must consider how to lose weight healthy – especially as you get older. To try to cut corners will always result in you having to do the whole thing again… let’s do this once and for all!

So how can you lose weight healthy?

  1. Aim to lose 1% of your bodyweight per week (ie if you weigh 200lbs – your weekly goal is 2lbs per week
  2. Don’t cut out any major macronutrient – eat a healthy selection of carbs, low fat proteins and good healthy fats
  3. Exercise for weight loss – I recommend 2-3 cardio-resistance workouts (20-30mins) and 1-2 cardio sessions (30-60mins)
  4. Workout at the correct intensity for your level of fitness – consider getting a heart rate monitor to keep you at the correct level
  5. Don’t focus on how much you are losing week by week, instead measure your weight loss trend over a 4 week period
  6. Enjoy the process and the fact that each day you are getting closer to the you that you most want to be!

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