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Applies to JJ Armstrong Express Bootcamp Memberships including:
NW1Bootcamp / LondonWomensBootcamp / MillHillFitness / PowerFrauBootcamp / BodyBandBootcamp / Microcycling Express Fat Loss Fitness Boot Camps


We want to be clear about our terms from the outset therefore we have compiled the following to ensure you are fully informed.

Below are terms of your membership. These terms may be subject to change however we will notify all members via your membership email of any changes as they become available.

By purchasing your membership, you are agreeing to these terms so please ensure you read these terms as they directly relate to your membership subscriptions. We have tried to keep these terms as simple as possible, however if you do not fully understand any of the terms, you should contact JJ for clarification.



1.1 Your membership starts on the first day of your boot camp and expires four weeks from the first session. Your Membership runs for 4 full weeks.



2.1. You may apply to change your start date due to unexpected circumstances providing you inform your instructor at least 24 hours PRIOR to the commencement of your first session.

2.2. You may have your membership extended to allow for any planned missed sessions providing you inform your instructor PRIOR to the commencement of your first session.

For example: if you are due to go on holiday and will miss several sessions whilst you are away, simply inform your instructor either upon payment or prior to the first session of the membership period. Your instructor will then extend your membership accordingly. Lets say your membership starts on the 5th and you have planned a holiday later that month and will miss two sessions. Your membership will be extended for two extra sessions.

2.3 You will receive an email confirmation within PRIOR to the start of your membership outlining the membership extension dates and the new date when your next membership will be due.

2.4  During the term of your membership you may also receive credits for missed sessions that can be redeemed upon renewal. You may apply for a session credit by request providing you apply via email at least 24 hours prior to the session start time.  You must send an email to admin@(your bootcamp) at least 24 hours prior to your session start time and we will confirm credit for your missed session and this will be added to your next membership (at the time of your renewal).

For example: you discover on Sunday morning that  you’re unable to make your Monday evening session. You send an email to ADMIN@(your bootcamp) stating you cannot make your session and requesting a credit. When we receive your email and providing it is dated at least 24 hours of your session start time – we will email you to confirm you have a session credit to be added to your renewal. You may use this email credit when you renew. Credited sessions will be added to the new membership and the expiry date will be adjusted accordingly.

2.5 There is no roll over if you miss a session and did not arrange by email for membership extension (see item 2.2 and 2.4). 

2.6. If your schedule is changeable at short notice you are recommended to use the OPEN PASS.



3.1. Basic members receive two sessions per week during their membership (see 1.1) and must attend their chosen start time.  Basic membership start times cannot be changed without prior written notice. Premium and Open Pass members (see 5.1) may attend any session at any of our start times offered for the duration of their membership.



4.1. A reminder that your next month is due will be emailed to you within 7 days of your expiration date. You are requested to bring along your next months fees on or before your new month in order to continue your training. Failure to renew on or before your expiry may result in you not being permitted to take part. Please ensure your renewal is processed on or before your membership expires (see 1.1).



5.1 The Open Pass is a ten Session Pass whereby you can attend any 10 workout sessions over a period of 3 months (expires after 3 months). (also refer to 3.1)

5.2 Although an alternative to a monthly membership, the open pass provides all the services of the basic boot camp monthly membership including the online resources for the duration of your open pass.

5.3 Your open pass begins on your first session and expires upon completion of ten boot camp sessions or three months from commencement (which ever comes first).



Your training includes a unique and extensive online resource centre to be used to maximise your training. This includes recommended diets, tools, diaries and information to help you achieve your goals in a safe and timely manner. This will be available to you during the term of your membership.

When you sign up for your boot camp, You will be added to the boot camp membership list and access details will be emailed to you during your first week of training. It is your responsibility to activate your membership (reply to the email) in order to receive details of the online resources.


7. Once you have reserved and purchased your membership online – your place on the course is held for you and NO refund or credit (with the exception of item 2.2) will be made for non attendance. [ Please see items 2.1 and 2.2 giving you the ability to change your membership start date (2.1) or apply for session credits (2.2) ].



As per our satisfaction guarantee, your first session is considered a trial session. If at the end of your first session you decide not to continue you will be entitled to a refund (less £/€11 to cover your first session). To qualify you MUST attend your first session and inform your instructor at the end of the workout that you have decided not to continue. Failure to notify your instructor in person before leaving the premises will result in a non refund (see item 7 above).



As per our results guarantee, if after attending the training and following the fat loss blueprint programme exactly as prescribed including a full food and exercise diary for 28 days you do not see results as defined between you and your instructor, we will give you your next month FREE. To qualify you must attend all sessions and follow the course as instructed in our Members Fat Loss Blueprint and instructions online. You must provide a body composition print out (from Boots Chemist or similar) taken during your first week and at the end of your 28 day food diary covering the period of your membership. Failure to provide written evidence of your lack of progress will result in you not qualifying for our results guarantee.


You are reminded that by purchasing your membership, you are agreeing to these membership terms. If you have any questions about your membership that are not covered in these terms, please speak to your instructor or email JJ (@)