The Meaning of Meaning is No Meaning

In the lack of definitive meaning, you can believe what you want.

Meanings are subjective interpretations of an event, belief etc. they are not the ‘truth’.

So if nothing has any meaning, you are free to interpret the meaning yourself. This is useful as you can decide that something has any meaning you give it. Use this to your power.

This means “the meaning” does not exist. The past does not have any meaning, nothing does. So nothing you believe about yourself in the past actually exists.

You can use words as comparisons ie fit or fat but it will only mean anything relative to its comparison and is not a truism of itself.

The meaning “that is a fat person” is a judgement and not a truth.

That dog bit that other dog, “that’s terrible” <— terrible does not exist.

Adjectives when used as meanings do not exist, they are simply interpretations.

Arguments are only relative to the person making the argument and as thus, it is pointless to try to convince others of your view. Simply let them have their meaning, after all their meaning doesn’t have to also be yours.

Edward Snowden is a “(-)” (fill in the blank). In reality he is none of these things. Again this is an example of meanings, not truths. Where you say “x is” (fill in the blank) you are putting your meaning to something.

When caught in an argument or debate, we can remember to start with.. “to me” (x) is … So when discussing with others, remember that they are referring to their ‘meanings / beliefs” not yours unless you CHOOSE to adopt the same meaning.

Scientifically, we can use measurements as references but the meaning of the measurement remains relative to its use.

So how do you use this to your advantage?

  1. Think of yourself as you want to be. Think of things in the way you want to think of them because your interpretation (meaning) is the only one that counts!
  2. You don’t have to put meanings to anything so you can relax and remove judgement. Liberate yourself and enjoy the moment. Then use the attachment of meanings to something if it empowers you, to enjoy or improve your life.

Consider this statement: Hi my name is Sarah and I believe that my daughter in heaven is watching over me.

Is that true?

Again, it’s only a meaning so if it works for Sarah.. she should definitely use it!

Life is subjective, reality is subjective and there is no definitive meaning. We are here so we could make of life what we want to make of it.. believe what you want to be believe, and therefore change our beliefs if they don’t serve us anymore.

POINT: Believe what you want, and do not judge others (what makes you think you should know what another person should be, think or do?).

Anyone who thinks that they know what meaning is, by this definition operating from the fact that THEY KNOW the meaning.. when there is no ONE meaning ….

you know what I mean 😉