When to Seek Medical Advice

I am not one for doctors and do not visit them unless I feel very ill.

I do however get a blood test every so often to check my condition – the blood never lies!

For those of you like me who rarely visit a doctors surgery, it helps to know when a real emergency needs attention. I came across a really good article at the Mayo site which gives the 10 Symptoms where you absolutely need to Seek Medical Advice –


The 10 Symptoms NOT To Ignore Are:

  1. Unexplained Weight Loss

  2. Persistent or High Fever

  3. Unexplained or Acute Shortness of Breath

  4. Unexplained changes in Bowel Habits

  5. Delirium – Sudden Confused Thinking or Disorientation

  6. Sudden Severe Headaches

  7. Sudden Weakness, Loss of Vision or Speech

  8. Flashes of Light in your Vision

  9. Feeling Full after Eating very little

  10. Hot, Red or Swollen Joint

If any of these symptoms are present, read more about the specific details in the full article – check it out here

Otherwise, it is recommended you get a regular check up every year after the age of 45 males, 50 females (or sooner especially if you have family history of disease or non lifestyle related health problems.