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How ever you came across this blog my hope is that it will help you change your life! My profession is helping other people lose weight and reverse their biological clock. [Here is a full profile]

I have also trained and certified 1000’s of personal trainers in how to help their clients and the members of their health clubs to achieve PERMANENT fat loss and transform their total well being.

Don’t think you are too old, too unfit, too overweight, too unhealthy etc etc (you fill in the blanks) – I am here to tell you IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.

Every day is a new day – Start Where You Are!

Even if you have given up many times in the effort to transform the state of your health, fitness or general well being… you are NOT stuck in your present condition.

No matter what your current age, physical fitness condition, emotional status or past record of failures – you can start where you are RIGHT NOW. Make this a life changing moment because it is never too late to begin. And, I promise you that you do not have to make HUGE progress to see results – you simply have to follow one rule….

Do the minimum I recommend and be consistant – THAT’S IT!

Just small changes make HUGE differences as you will see in my plan.

This is your opportunity to get on a life changing fitness and health program and you can also position yourself to live a long and strong life and most importantly to function well into the very end of life.

Lets Do This Together!