Boot Camp Combines 4 Targets for Optimal Fat Loss Exercise

The training used in the express boot camp focuses on four main goals which when combined with the Fat Loss Blueprint, will morph your body into its new shape as you become fitter and more capable of training at the higher intensity levels. Even after your first few months you should have noticed changes in your tone and body fat, if not – you are doing something wrong and should consult your training and food diary.

Below are our 4 Primers for permanent weight control and changes in body composition:


Your fat burning cells are located in your muscle and are often referred to as the powerhouse as they combust fat to produce energy. In order to do this they need oxygen. Oxygen is trained to be made more available during certain types of exercise (such as the boot camp workouts) and can be precisely determined by using your heart rates (covered in the private training short course which provides you with your ideal heart rate to burn the most fat). The bootcamp is specifically designed to increase your fat burning cells (mitochondria). The exercise planning done in the Premium Membership is designed to further increase the size and number of your fat burning cells.


The second element of the plan should deal with increasing your fitness capacity. This will enable you to work harder and burn more calories per minute and obviously increase your performance in anything you do. Research has shown that aerobic capacity is directly correlated with your ability to burn greater calories.

The body is very adaptable and as such we need to be constantly challenging it to stretch its capacity and thereby your capacity to new and higher levels. The boot camp workout plan switches each session to change up the training stimulus.

A fit person is a physically capable person that can actively take part instead of ‘standing on the sidelines of active pursuits’


Dieting can have a negative effect on your metabolism and fat burning cells. Chronic (long term) dieting can also have the capacity to turn off your fat burning mechanism by signally the body to save its fat!

So, it is imperative to ensure none of this happens. Otherwise with the wrong plan, you make large sacrifices only to find you are turning off your ability to burn fat! By following the express boot camp protocol we make sure you don’t lose any of your fat burning cells most common in dieting (especially diets that chronically reduce your intake to less than your ‘survival’ energy requirements – SEE). Remember, your SEE is covered in the Fat Loss Blueprint.

In the Premium Bootcamp Membership we also calculate your Metabolic Profile providing the closest estimate by taking into consideration your dieting history, your weight, age and height and use a formula that is used by Sports Scientists to estimate your survival caloric requirement and fat loss target date. Your job then is to simply remain within the given guidelines until you reach your goal.

In addition to the use of metabolic science, the express boot camps use exercises to increase your muscle density (morphing your body into its new slimmer, more toned counterpart). By doing this, we give the body potential to further increase your calories burned i.e. by increasing the density of your muscle you will have the ability to demand more energy (calories) and increase your metabolic rate both during and after workouts. 


To round off your training you must include agility, speed and power later on in your training cycle as well as frequent mobility and flexibility goals making you more mobile and less likely to get injured whether doing every day or more physically demanding tasks. To this end the Premium Membership includes exercises that are individually selected to achieve this goal once at or near your fat loss target.