Buying a Heart Rate Monitor

As you might know, I am a strong advocate of using a heart rate monitor. If you want to get your exercise intensity accurate, you must use one. It is like a speedometer for your body.


Here Are 3 Simple Tips When Deciding What Heart Rate Monitor To Get

1. Unless you are an athlete wanting the many additional features available in heart rate monitors today, simply buy the one with the least features.

You will be wasting your money if you pay more than you need to and make the operating of the watch more difficult than need be.

So – buy one that simply displays the heart rate in big bold writing!


2.  Don’t go for ones that do not use a chest strap. Using a chest strap is the most accurate way of measuring heart rate. You want one with a watch and a chest strap. If you are exercising in the gym with cardio equipment, many of them will pick up your heart rate from the chest strap and display it on the dashboard of the machine – this is not possible with other non chest strap types of monitors.

So – make sure you choose a watch and chest strap version.


3. Look for one that has the ability to change the battery on the chest strap. This is a downside of Polar in my opinion, when the battery goes the straps goes with it. Many heart rate monitors have the ability to change the battery simply by undoing the back and replacing.

So – look for chest straps with the ability to change battery


Now you are ready to go buy your heart rate monitor and get Heart Rate Precision Training!

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