Getting To Your Target Weight

The fat loss system I use is scientifically based and has been refined between myself and more than 100 of my trainers over the past 20 years. The goal – to create an easy to follow system that requires minimum effort for maximum gain.  My philosophy is why spend extra hours or crazy dieting with little, none or at best diminishing extra benefit.

We achieve this by getting straight to the challenge of losing weight and fixing it so it doesn’t come back. We want permanent results without the need to be constantly dieting. To understand how this is achieved I need to explain a few facts about losing fat and much more importantly –  keeping it off.

During the exercise part of your training, you will do a couple of different types of workouts throughout the week so your body adapts quickly and progress is faster than other types of similar fitness programs. This is combined with the most effective Diet Strategies using what I call  ‘Fat Loss Micro cycling’.


Let’s look at how this system works:

To lose fat permanently you need just 2 things:

  1. Reduce body fat steadily (no more than 1-2lbs [1kg] every week)
  2. Preserve lean mass (muscle) whilst removing the excess fat.

Now to reduce bodyfat we need to create a demand on all your excess calories that are stored in your fat cells whilst simultaniously making sure we don’t replace the calories as we use them up.


So to burn the excess stored calories we will:

  1. increase our activity level
  2. increase the size and number of our fat burning mitochondria
  3. prevent our body from breaking down muscle instead of fat for energy


To preserve our lean muscle we will:

  1. Encourage the body not to get rid of lean tissue by putting a greater demand on our muscle system
  2. Increase our production of Growth Hormone (GH) to burn fat and maintain muscle


We use 2 types of exercise to achieve the above:

  1. Boot Camp Resistance training (mostly compounds and high metabolic power resistance)
  2. High metabolic training (special fitness sessions called ‘tabbing’ and ‘peaks’)


Finally, if we combine optional strategic 24 hour fasting periods in our diet we drive growth hormone through the roof whilst simultaneously forcing the body to remove excess stored calories (fat) and use them as energy (more about this in your Fat Loss Blueprint part of your plan). Although you might not experience huge changes on the scales (expect 4-7lbs per month as toning replaces fat) you WILL experience your body changing shape!


There you have it – the science in a nutshell !!