Is It Not Happening FAST Enough For You?

Read this TRUE story  …

Scenario 1 – Person One (I will call her Sheila):

Sheila has a special event coming up but only has a month to go. Therefore she wants to lose weight ‘quick’. So I put her on a fast track WEIGHT loss diet – you know the ones we use for actors preparing to look their best for a role, models preparing for a photo shoot etc.

To put it blunt, the diet was fierce and strict – not something you would want to keep up for very long. At the end of the month Sheila lost 10lbs on the scales – she is thrilled. She attends the special event feeling great. As she cannot keep up the strict diet plan we switch her to the SEE; eating what she wants whilst staying within her SEE and a weekly cheat. As a result from coming off the strict diet (glycogen reloads in the cells and the water loss has balanced out) she actually PUT on 4lbs in the next week and then lost nothing the week after! Why because she never actually lost 10lbs of fat – (physiologically impossible requiring a 35,000 calorie deficit)! And eating a ‘normal’ diet re-balances her composition over the next 2 weeks. TOTAL FAT LOSS 6LBS over 6 weeks.

Scenario 2 – Person Two (I will call her Josie):

Josie has ‘tried it all’ and has a body that shows it – soft muscle and plenty of unwanted fat. She knows only too well that the false promises give a quick fix only to leave you miserable as the weight rebounds. So having travelled the quick fix path and seeing where it ends, she instead listens to the logic and takes the slower approach choosing instead to eat what she wants whilst remaining within her SEE rather than following the too familiar semi- starvation (impossible to follow long term) diet.

At the end of the month she has lost 4lbs of fat. 2weeks later she continues to lose fat and has now lost a further 2lbs making a total of 6lbs averaging 1lb per week over the 6 weeks. TOTAL FAT LOSS 6LBS over 6 weeks.

Since both have lost 6lbs of bodyfat with one person ‘suffering’ for a month and then seeing their weight actually increase – they make the incorrect assumption that they need to go back to the starvation diet which ‘worked’ (as they say) but the thought of doing it again is understandably very un-appealing especially with no goal to keep them on it for another month.

So guess what? … Sheila gives up and goes back to her old ways looking for the ‘next quick fix’ because the “SEE did not work” (foolishly she not seeing the full picture). Less than one month goes by and when we revisit Sheila – she has gained it ALL back again, and is now back where she first began. Oh well at least she looked good for the special occasion (as long as no-one sees her now). As for their desire to look good ALL THE TIME she has instead just moved even further away from her goal.

Josie has been chipping away the fat in the background and has now reached her goal. She looks amazing! Her physiology has totally changed leaving a huge buffer of excess calories she can consume without any gain in weight. She doesn’t really feel it has been that hard although she did find it tough at first but the ongoing comments from friends and relatives whilst getting into her new body has made it all worth while.

This is a true story. Now my question to you is …. WHICH ONE ARE YOU LIKELY TO BE?


Unfortunately Sheila gave up at the time of her ‘weight’ gain. If only she will stop allowing herself to be fooled. She will, like many keep repeating the same quick results diet as she remembers – it ‘worked’. Unfortunately until she realises what had actually happened to her she will always struggle with higher and higher weight gain each time she repeats the cycle. You only have to look around you to see many people like Sheila. It is not their fault, they do try and they do suffer – I blame the media, hype and pseudo-science; the multi trillion weight loss industry for making people think there is a quick and easy fix. Damn you!

Ironically person 2 (now FIT, slim and toned) meets person one again 7 months later and now a whooping 12lbs heavier than when she first started; as person one returns for the next quick fix for a wedding in 5 weeks time.