Extreme Fat Loss Tactics Revealed


Wanna know how diets can claim such extreme weight loss and get away with it? How the actors and actresses lose weight fast?

I’m going to expose it for you right here. Its a trick that we Exercise Scientists and Nutritionists are very familiar with. To explain it, I have to get a bit technical so bear with me.

To know how it works, you need to know abit about your body physiology. I’ll try to keep it simple and easy to understand.


REVEALED: How Extreme Weight Loss Is Achieved

In your muscles you have stored energy in the form of what you know as ‘carbohydrates’. In the muscle it is called muscle glycogen – these both mean the same thing.

Your stored carbohydrates (glycogen) are there to be quickly turned into energy and is the primary fuel source for higher intensity activity.

Here’s the important part…


Each gram of carbohydrate stored in the body contains at least TWICE it’s weight in water


As we restrict carbohydrates in our diet, and use the stored carbohydrates in the muscle we lose the stored water and see our weight on the scales plummet. This is called ‘carb depletion’ and most diets use this method in one way or another.

The result is  short term weight loss (I purposefully use the word “weight” not FAT.

When you eat carbohydrates, your body will immediately restore its supply in the muscle and thus restoring all the water you lost. Therefore your weight will go back up again.

Because the weight loss was due to carbohydrate depletion and not a loss of stored fat, weight often returns back to its previous level.

You must deplete your carbs once again to get the same result. Your weight goes up and down accordingly.

Get the picture now? Its basic physiology used to trick you into thinking you have lost fat. In fact the opposite is true, you have lost stored energy (which is why you often feel so bad after days of doing this), and the body has given up its short term energy storage and preserved its long term storage – FAT.

What happens when your muscle glycogen stores are fully depleted – you feel like s**t!

Sooner or later, you HAVE to replace your short term energy just to feel better and have more energy.

Your organs can also be damaged in a carb depleted state, your body thrives on homeostasis or BALANCE and is most efficient when working as it is designed to do so.


Bottom line: For a short term result, you can use this tactic if your organs are in good health,  but DO NOT expect it to be long term.