Trendy Diet Secrets Revealed

I seemed to be asked almost every day about this diet or that one.

As an Exercise Scientist and a creator of my own system, I make a point of reviewing the top trend diets and exercise programs. This helps me have an understanding of what is currently being plugged as the next ‘super diet’.

Now what I find however, behind the massive hype in the squeeze pages (the page you view when deciding to buy) is the same formula over and over again.

It goes something like this… eat what you want but not very often. The rest of the time you must restrict your calories. This is usually accompanied by some sort of macronutrient manipulation such as low carb, low glycemic foods, high protein – you know the plan.

Now the restrict your calories is often hidden. They don’t usually say we want you to ‘restrict your calories’. This is covered up by either a restriction on the grams of carbs or fat; or by providing a ‘set menu’ which is no more than a low calorie diet by any stretch of the imagination.

So you are back to the same formula. Behind the hype is a low calorie diet with some ‘cheat days’ thrown in for good measure.

What about ‘Extreme Fat Loss’ diets? How do they achieve it.

You’ve seen it.. lose 20lbs in 1 month – well if that is claimed to be all FAT, that’s f**king impossible! Here’s how they do it…

They either:

  1. do not claim the weight loss to be ‘fat’ loss – thereby you will lose weight but not much fat.
  2. They say something like lose “UP TO” 20 lbs in a month. Usually accompanied by some disclaimer to cover their ass.

Wanna know how they achieve the extreme ‘weight loss’?

Drastically reduce food intake! Period.  It works every time! Get this message.. they are all essentially the same just different ´covers´. The primary tactic most seeked for weight loss is anything that causes the person to reduce their food / appetite. Unfortunately this is not sustainable and really unpleasant. So stop searching and get on a sustainable plan so you can work down to your ideal weight and the good news is that if you do a good plan, it should also include the right exercise tactics so you can eat and not gain weight again.

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Bottom line: don’t go buying one diet or exercise plan followed by the next looking for the magic formula.. I can give it to you in one sentence:

Getting rid of excess fat is a combination of temporary calorie restriction to approximately your survival energy requirement (after you’ve lost the fat you can increase intake substantially IF you have exercised your way to a new body!