How To Shift Metabolic Gears Now!

To help you maximize your weight loss and fitness results, include “intervals” in your exercise routine. These are fat burning, brief periods of aerobic exercise slipped throughout your regular workout.

For example, if you were walking, you would do a one-minute interval of faster walking about every five minutes throughout your exercise session.

I call this type of exercise – TABBING. For example, if I have a client who wishes to be able to jog/run for long periods of time I use intervals of running and walking (tabbing). The object is to cover more distance in less time or to decrease the walks and increase the running. On a treadmill it would work like this:

Warm up for 5 mins. Now do your first jog and stop the moment you feel any fatigue. Now walk slowly until the fatigue subsides and you feel ready to jog again. Repeat until you have completed a set distance (i.e. 1 mile) or a set duration (i.e. 20 mins).

Do this twice a week as part of your overall weight loss system aiming to increase distance over time. Remember to begin with plenty of recovery and just a little jogging.

Eventually, you will be doing more jogging than walking until you no longer need the walks at all! At this point, you will have probably doubled the number of calories you have burned for the same amount of time.

This type of training will help you get past a weight loss plateau and increase your aerobic fitness forcing your body to become conditioned to more intense exercise. You will also ‘burn’ more calories for several hours afterwards due to the higher intensity, increase your metabolism, tone your muscles to a greater degree, give you an ‘exercise high’ not available at lower intensities, and make your sessions less boring, and help the time pass quickly by being more interesting, challenging and fun!


PS. If you are not under supervision of an appropriately qualified Exercise Specialist, it is advised that you consult your physician when considering a change in physical activity that involves increasing your exercise level (duration and/or intensity).

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